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Hello, Philadelphia

Who we are: We are an artist collective founded and started in Harrisonburg, VA. Branching to Philadelphia was a big decision but we are ready to get started. 

What we do: We focus on curating shows in non traditional spaces in order to bring the arts into everyday environments. We want art showing and making to be a part of everyday life. This means no applications, no fees, no worries. See an exhibition you're interested in, text or email a submission. It's as easy as that. 

Our current exhibition: Radio Silence, is open to applicants from both Harrisonburg and Philadelphia. 

In fact, all of our exhibitions are open to applicants from all over. Shows may take place in a specific city but you do not need to be located in that city to apply-just willing to mail your work!

Check out more information about Radio Silence under our current exhibition tab. 

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